Tonight Rebel Rebel premieres at 8pm on Channel 21 in Chicago. This first episode is also available for viewing on YouTube as of today! The show was recorded in CAN TV's studio on December 2, 2017, with moderator Alice Kim speaking with Reyna Wences of Organized Communities Against Deportation and Maxx Boykin of BYP100. 

For our first shoot we had a fabulous crew of all women, and both guests told of their experiences from when they began becoming involved in politics to becoming more seasoned activists. We are looking forward to recording more episodes!

In the Thick of It

I am fortunate to be working two fantastic jobs during this strange new political era we have entered. I love my job at CAN TV, where I still am a training coordinator and regularly get to watch graduates of our field production, editing, and studio classes burst on to the mediamaker scene, their voices broadcast and heard across Chicago.

And I also am teaching two classes at Northern Illinois University, which is just amazing. I am filling in for Bart Vodstrup, who is on sabbatical. Nevertheless Bart, who is a DeKalb native, just gave me a tour of possible spaces to show the Intermedia students' final collaborative project, an art installation/event. It was a blast to drive around DeKalb and Sycamore as Bart told me about all kinds of buildings and history. My other class is a video art class, which is going along nicely with some students forging ahead with some pretty damn good work. 

Meanwhile I made a video critical of our new U.S. president that was broadcasted on CAN TV's channel 19 during the inauguration. Friends contributed video and sound footage of personal concerns, and I added my own.  Now I need to move on to the next project... and honestly, if I can just end up with my pants on at the end of the semester, I'll probably be in good shape. I can do some planning now though so I'm ready to jump on a good project when summer comes.