Community among new media artists and educators is a vital part of how we develop both our body of work and professional practices. We collaborate and support each other to create new contemporary art experiences and navigate dynamic markets. Chicago has an incredibly vibrant music and art scene, and I expect much from the talent and spirit I see, in students, colleagues, collaborators, and friends.


Exhibition organizing & CURATING

Working in new media forms often means creating our own spaces and opportunities. I am energized by and grateful to the artists who participate in exhibitions that I have been part of organizing.

em(body)  - Extensions
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 - a  group exhibition at the Uptown Arts Center in Chicago, with site-specific works in hallways, staircases, and windows.  October, 2016

30 Seconds
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 - a guerilla film festival that took place at various spots at the College Art Association annual conference  in Washington DC. February, 2016.

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 - a group exhibition where works continually evolved in the gallery with collaboration and content borrowing among participating artists. February, 2014.

professional service

Service and volunteering allow me to give back to the community whose support I’ve received.

Most recently, I’ve been on the SAE Institute Program Advisory Committee, which has been quite thrilling as I am meeting audio tech and music industry professionals from around Chicago. I get to hear the latest industry news and developments, meet really smart, cool people, and contribute my perspective as a previous instructor for one of SAE’s former required gen eds “Visual and Performing Arts,” a survey of history and practice that I loved teaching to its limit. There is much to be excited about in terms what young adults and contemporary artists are making during the turbulent social and political landscape in which we all live. I am in the corner of deep media skills being an essential part of education for youth, as their virtual media presence is now an integral part of their identity and employment opportunities.

In 2016 I co-founded an alumni group, active both online and in the real world, for graduates of Columbia College Chicago's interdisciplinary arts MFA and MA programs.  We share information about residencies, exhibitions, and funding opportunities, as well as support each other's work in progress. Additionally, we have organized social and professional gatherings, such as drop-in studio events and tours of local art centers and facilities.

A recent Facebook post from alumni group co-founder Michelle Graves.

A recent Facebook post from alumni group co-founder Michelle Graves.